Exchange Rate

Exchange Rate

We provide a range of products relating to foreign exchange transactions.  Corporate and individual customers can have their foreign exchange risks covered through us.  A modern electronic trading system is used to have currency exchange rates in most currencies.  A direct electronic feed is taken from one of the leading agency that provides immediate acecss to financial movements globally.

Home remittances

We are well equipped to process home remittances for a number of countries especially Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal.  Home remittances into Pakistan in PKR is processed at no charge with an excellent distribution facility within Pakistan.

Exchange rates for Pakistan Rupees (PKR), Bangladesh Taka (BDT) and Nepal Rupees (NPR) as applicable on 22nd January 2014 are as under:

PKR Remittances Customer
Maximum cash amount £700 / - will attract a 0.50% handling charge.  
upto GPB 5,000/-  
GBP / PKR 172.20
from GBP 5,000/ - upto GBP 15,000/-
GBP / PKR 172.30
From GBP15,000 to GBP 25,000/-  
GBP / PKR 172.41
BDT Remittances Customer
Minimum amount £200 - no charge.  If cash, a 0.50% handling charge will be levied.  
GBP / BDT 126.27
NPR Remittances Customer
GBP / NPR 160.55

The Bank can also arrange remittances in other currencies which are subject to charges (see general Terms & Conditions).