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eRemit is Habib Bank UK's electronic home remittance service which allows users to send money to their loved ones in Pakistan, Bangaldesh and Nepal.  It is linked to a secure website, http://www.habibbnk-uk.eu.pn and  it requires a remitter to first register with all the requisite details and which must meet our criteria (as given in relevant sections below).

  • Currently available for home remittance to Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal;
  • The beneficiary can only receive funds (Pakistani Rupees, Bangladeshi Taka or Nepalese Rupees) into a bank account in Pakistan, Bangladesh or Nepal;
  • There is no requirement for the remitter to have an account at Habib Bank UK;
  • Remittance is restricted to the equilvalent of £1,500 per transaction;
  • Payment can be made by an acceptable Debits or Credits cards;
  • There is no charge if the payment is made using the HBL UK Debits Cards and the purpose of the remittance is personal;
  • eRemit is fully secured with VeriSign's 128-bit encryptions keys and certificate.
  • A legal resident in the UK whose identity and address is verifiable;
  • Have access to the internet;
  • Is able to provide an acceptable Debits or Credits cards to make payment; and
  • Be able to provide all personal details as required including the details of the bank account of the beneficiary in Pakistan.

Click "Register" from our eRemit page within http://www.habibbnk-uk.eu.pn and fill in the requisite information required on the online form.

Registration is the process where the user provides their name, address, date/place of birth and certain security questions in the initial page of the Remit service.  This information is electronically verified through a bureau (Equifax) to comply with the current Regulatory requirements.  Once the information has been authenticated, the user is then registered to commence using this service.

For existing clients of the Bank, the system automatically checks the information provided against the client information that is held in our records.  If they match, the registration process is completed.

Within a few minutes after a successful verification, the user will receive an email notification to confirm that the user has been successfuly verified and the log-in details will be sent in a secure letter via recorded delivery, to the user's registered address.  This  will protect the security of an account and prevent any fraudulent transaction.  In case the verification is not accepted, an email will be sent to the user advising him/her that the registration has not been successful.  The user will have the option then to open an account with the Bank through the normal manner (i.e, completing the Account Opening Form).  Opening a Current Account will entitle the customer to apply for a HBL UK Debits Cards which can then be used to register for the eRemit service.

On sucessful registration, the user will be provided with the log-in details in a secure letter via recorded delivery.  On first use of the eRemit service, the user will have to change the log-in details to a password that only the user knows.  It is important not to disclose this password to anyone.

The user will be taken to a screen called "My Dashboard" which is the home screen for eRemit.  It will give options to go to; "My Account", "Edit Beneficiaries" and "Make Payment". 

This provides the details that were submitted by the user at the time of registration (or any subsequent amendments made).  It also has options to change the password which can be undertaken at any time.  We strongly recommend that passwords be changed at peroidic times and never disclosed to any third party including the Bank.

Before making the first payment, the user will be asked to provide details of a beneficiary to whom the funds are to be remitted.  Any changes to this information can be done through this screen.  The screen also gives the option to add a new beneficiary and delete an existing beneficiary.

The user to select the option for "Make Payment" and from the dropdown list, choose the beneficiary to whom the remittance is to be sent.  In the field for the amount, enter the GBP or PKR/BDT/NPR amount.

  • If the user chooses either PKR, BDT or NPR, the equilvalent GBP amount will be automatically calculated (based on the exchange rate prevailing at the time the message is created), and displayed after conversion.
  • If the user chooses GBP, the equilvalent PKR/BDT/NPR amount will be automatically calculated (based on the exchange rate prevailing at the time the message is created), and displayed after conversion.

The exchange rate is updated by the Bank as and when necessary with the prevailing rate clearly mentioned in the Screen.

Once the user has selected the amount to send, the user will be asked to confirm if the purpose of the remittance is for Personal or Business reason.  The charges applied for the remittance vary depending on what the purpose is.

  • If the purpose of the remittance is Personal, a flat fee of GBP5 will be levied and recovered from the remitter.  This charge is waived if the user makes the payment using the HBL UK Debits Cards.
  • If the purpose of the remittance is Business, a flat fee of GBP25 will be levied and recovered from the remitter.  This charge is applied irrespective of the issuer of the Card.

Each transaction is limited to GBP1,500.

Once the user confirms that he/she is ready to make the payment, the user will be asked to confirm the password and authorise the payment, using 3D Secure Authentication.

3D Secure stands for 3 Domain Secure, which involves the following 3 parties for 3D Secure process:

  • The Vendor
  • The Acquiring Bank
  • Visa and MasterCard

3D Secure process with Verified by Visa (VbV) and MasterCard Secure Code (MSC).  It is the latest fraud prevention scheme which was jointly developed by Visa and MasterCard, providing a more secure payment method for authenticating the user at the time of the transaction.  Visa and MasterCard takes responsibility for every 3D Secure authenticated transactions, which means they will take the liability and reduce the risk of chargeback.

For each successful transaction, a Transaction Number is created and emailed to the remitter as well as to the beneficiary (if the email address of the beneficiary is provided). 

After a payment is successful, the user will be able to see the transactions in the screen for "Payment History" within eRemit.

The delivery of funds into the beneficiary's account is normally within 2 working days and depends on whether the account is with HBL (for Pakistan), Habib Bank Limited (for Bangladesh) or Himalayan Bank Limited (for Nepal).  It also depends on whether the beneficiary's account is in a major city or in a remote location.  Account with another bank will take longer to credit.

An eRemit Customer Service is available on phone (during office hours) and via a secure email messaging facility within eRemit:



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